“Loads of good responses. Had several conversations that really helped. ”

Matt Murphy shared this story on October 8, 2021

Conversation: Recommendation Algorithm

“One of the draws to the PNW, and Portland in particular, is thestrong  sense of community that exists. Based off this one post, I've met some really great people and hopefully, I was able to help them on their startup journey. ”

“Many thanks to Lucas from https://mompop.ltd/ - He quickly found our issue, repaired it and offered a number of other observations/suggestions.  We were back up and running in no time.  ”

Phil Newman shared this story on November 22, 2020

Wordpress help for non-profit youth organization

“I had several responses in a week and was able to get what I was asking for.”

Paul L shared this story on October 21, 2020

Interview for OSU MBA class

“I found a message in reply to my post within a month; about 2 weeks after that, we decided to move forward together as cofounders on the project!”

MacKenzie Stout shared this story on July 30, 2020

Recruiting CTO/COO

“Thank you all for reaching out!  I received a donation from a local nurse entrepreneur who loves and cares for our local nurses.  WeGotThisPDX!”

Aaron Hanson shared this story on April 8, 2020

Small sponsorship for OHSU care packages

“Wow got a great response to this so far and the project is now staffed up.  If you're interested in contributing, let me now and I'll add you to the list of prospective volunteers.”

“lots of helpful people following up”

“Actually this post didn't generate the connection we'd hoped. But it was part of our efforts to get connected and since then we've revised our techniques for partners/business dev folk.  It is always a ongoing battle.”

Guild Representative shared this story on March 25, 2020

Strategic Sales Professionals

“This was a follow-up to a similar offer about a month ago.  There were four responses and two hearts.  These are quality responses to my offer.  A good experience.”

Mark Neuhausen shared this story on March 25, 2020

Free Mentorship to Early Stage Startups

“I offered free early stage startup mentorship.  Within days, I set up 13 meetings the following week.  Community support was outstanding.”

Mark Neuhausen shared this story on February 3, 2020

Early Stage Startup Mentorship

“This offer has been a wonderful way meet amazing founders and explore how I might be able to add value to early stage companies. I'm closing down this pro bono offer for new project work (finishing the first requests).  If you just have a question or want to talk finance, let me know. Thanks Switchboard!”

Clarissa Cooper shared this story on November 10, 2019

Help for your financial model is here :-)

“"Russell has helped me understand my business more than I could have hoped. As a pre-revenue / seed stage business, there's a great deal of uncertainty on many fronts. I tasked Russell with refining a financial model, but what I received in turn was much more than that. He asked thoughtful questions and drew from extensive experience with other SaaS startups, allowing us to evolve the business model and build a more comprehensible 3 year forecast. Russell comes with my highest recommendation."  -Seed stage client”

“Found Carl Hickerson who is doing an awesome job and super fun to collaborate with. Thanks Mara Zepeda and team. ”

Brian Forrester shared this story on September 20, 2019

UX / Graphic Design Help Needed ($500 Gig)

“As the owner's representative for a large workplace project in Boston, I successfully managed our design consultants and engineers.  I encouraged greater buy-in with department leads and saved thousands by better predicting design and outcomes.  Change management was an important aspect of my role there and keeping communication lines strong and open was key. ”

Alexis Wittman shared this story on June 10, 2019

New Product Development + Research

“Great, I got two responses giving me suggestions of programs that would do the job.   The first one, Office Lens, seems to almost work but not as automatically as it is supposed to.   I have not tried the second yet.   However, the Portland Startups Ask and Offer worked great. ”

Patrick Johansen shared this story on June 10, 2019

Scan business cards into Outlook?

“Launched two brand extensions under an apparel brand; sports division (Rock Racing) and a non-profit (cause mkt) tied into The City of Hope. My sales background is within building materials; healthcare, education, hospitality to multi-family projects.  ”

audience of one shared this story on May 31, 2019

Advertising / Marketing & Sales

“Great response! Thank you!”

Kaitlin Christine shared this story on May 21, 2019

Help Producing Podcast

“Lot's of great people with great skills reached out to me.”