“A few people reached out and one in particular had a nearly mirror image post of his own, so he and I will probably partner up.”

“Numerous folks reached out to offer internship possibilities — the generosity was overwhelming. My daughter ended up with an internship that was a great fit that happened to come via another channel, but it just as easily might have been one of the opportunities offered by people from Portland Startups. Thank you everyone!”

“Hi all, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who participated in my offer in April! I got a great response from this community and was able to photograph some very nice people :)”

“Thanks Portland Startup community! We got lots of great candidates and we were thrilled to offer a position to one of the applicants. We will definitely use Switchboard again!”

“Thank you PDX Switchboard!    I have had several individuals reach out to me over the past two weeks and am excited to see where their fundraising efforts will take them over the coming months. As a fundraising tool built around matching donations GiveMore will be able to help these individuals and their causes connect with their audience and establish greater buy in.  For more info, take a look at www.givemore.co and feel free to reach out to me personally - nathan@givemore.co


Nathan Gustafson shared this story on

Are you Fundraising?

“Üma is a rockstar, she did a bang up job on the front page in no time. ”

“Within just a couple of hours, I'd found a suitable candidate (Nathan Sinton, whose services I also recommend) to help me with my task. Two days later, it was completed, much to my satisfaction. Thanks, switchboard!”

“The Norse Hall has a variety of reasonably priced rooms with enough lead time (~3 months or more).”

“I got several responses, two that resulted in actually meeting and talking things through.  One of those looks very promising, and one's still up in the air.  It's an intense thing, looking for a cofounder, and I'm very grateful to the Switchboard for helping out with it.”

“And recently made it to news for Pregmo App on Huffpost and Dailymail (Ref. News - https://goo.gl/oyy9Ez). ”

“Thanks so much for the helpful advice everyone! I've set up a couple of appointments and learned a ton already.”

“We're just now starting the interview process. But we've got over 10 professionals interested in key positions in the company. Fingers crossed that things align and we grow.”

“The table has been claimed!”

“We received a number of additional entries for the event following posting on Switchboard, thus  building community around furthering the creation of social impact businesses concepts and teams, with both local and global reach.   For example, this is my project:   https://twitter.com/thehumantrust Thank you helping to build community and make projects like this possible Switchboard!”

“Thank you to everyone who responded! ”

“I love Portland startups portal, everyone is helpful, humble, and it does what it should be. I wish good to the team and community.”

“Grateful for the thoughtful advice I received.”

“Great place to eXpand your business. Hub of professionals of different areas.”

“I've worked with Mike in the past at an ad agency in Portland. He's got serious copywriting chops, very detail oriented, and writes for strategic impact. Hit him up and thank me later.”

“Great founders turned out. I learned a lot and everyone there made a valuable connection.”

“Have gotten lots of great responses. We are starting to do interviews next week, so get in quick if interested! 🙌 ”

“I love how people responded quickly and honestly, but all privately. Wondering if people are reluctant to give public recommendations here?”


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Formation lawyer.

“We had several people attend our event who heard about it from Switchboard, and one member reached out to offer help. ”

“PDX Switchboards is so helpful and saves so much time hyper-connecting within the tech-community. Onward, boz”

“So far I have received responses from 6 individuals.  All were positive and 5 have led to on-going engagements.  I am extremely satisfied with the quality of the Portland Startups community on Switchboard.”