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I am Rick Turoczy. I started Portland Startups Switchboard so that members of the community could help each other out.

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by Rick on Feb 14, 2017

Consider posting your job to an actual job board

Howdy, Thanks so much for being part of the Portland Startups Switchboard, a service designed to help members of the Portland startup community help one another through Asks and Offers.  If you've spent even a cursory amount of time on the board, you've no doubt noticed a preponderance of job posts on the site. While it's not specifically what the site is designed to do, it makes sense that companies would post here. It's free. And the community is active. That said, there are real job boards in town that are specifically designed to connect employers and potential employees. So if your job post isn't performing on our Switchboard as you'd expect — mostly because folks are tuning that stuff out or filtering it from their feeds — might I suggest the following job boards to try: *  * * If you're a job seeker, this is a great place to start: Hope that helps, Rick

by Adam on Feb 02, 2017

IOS Firebase Help

Hell,  We have just launched our new, On Demand Fuel Delivery Service. We offer fuel for everyone. The user purchase the fuel through our mobile app. Here is our website: We are looking for a IOS - Swift developer that can help with some bug fixes. We are using firebase for the back-end. 

by Juan on Feb 19, 2017

seeking internship for computer science student

I am a local student looking for an internship to begin getting experience. My background is in accounting/finance and made a career change last year to begin this path.

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