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by Erin on Aug 01, 2017

App Developer for start-up

I have a great idea for an app. I have talked to my tech-savvy friends and those who'd use it, who all say it has good potential. It would revolve around user participation (similar to GasBuddy) and I have several ideas for revenue generation that would allow the app to be free for consumers. That said, I don't write code, need me a code-writer / marketing. Considering offering it to a larger company, once the app proves helpful. I mostly want this app because the current apps don't achieve my needs - so once it takes off, I would remain a creative consultant, but not require full entrepreneurship. Who wants in?

by Tanvir on Aug 05, 2017

Looking for Developers

PDX-Techies is looking for local developers/ Engineers in the areas of Web Development ( React, Node JS, Rails. Etc.) , Mobile App Development  ( Android, IOS, React Native etc.), Python, C ++, Unity , Web Designer ( Wordpress and similar), custom hardware design, Embedded system design etc. The work will be mostly contract based and the pay is very lucrative. PDX-Techies will take care of getting client projects, managing them,  and making sure that you get paid on time, so that you can focus on technical aspect of the work.    We are a Portland based company who loves the city and aspires to help local developers as well as local businesses. We DO NOT outsource any development work.   Please  contact us by email: or text/call us at 971-238-3366.   Thanks,  Tanvir Alam, PhD  Founder/ CEO: PDX-Techies

by James on Jul 27, 2017

Seeking mentor and co-founders for 3D printing start-up

Hello, I'm currently in the very early stages of starting a company involved in the 3D printing industry and I am seeking a mentor to help guide me through the process. I am also seeking motivated individuals to build a team of co-founders! If you are interested in 3D printing, technology, or just startups in general and are looking for a fun startup opportunity let me know!  

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