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I am Rick Turoczy. I started Portland Startups Switchboard so that members of the community could help each other out.

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by Abir on Mar 15, 2017

"I Don't Code": A new job board for non-technical people seeking jobs at startups

I noticed a lack of resources for non-technical folk looking for jobs at startups so I created a job board for these types of roles. Posting a job for 30 days is currently free, and it's only $10 for a featured placement. If you're a recruiter looking for non-technical hires please consider posting an ad on my new job board:

by Patrick on Mar 05, 2017

Submit PDF to webserver

Converting an old PDF form for the web. My client would like users to fill out the form and submit it so that an email arrives in their inbox with the attached PDF. The PDF is a beast, over 300 form fields, messy as hell. I redesigned the whole thing a few years ago, but management can't get used to simplicity- they want to use the old form! I'm finding that browser support for PDF's varies, and submit functionality is limited at best. Which means that FDF (or XFDF) data needs to be submitted to their server and a CGI script needs to be written to parse the data.  Hit me up with your thoughts or solutions to this issue, the web seems to be sparse on this solution.

by Bob on Feb 27, 2017

I'm buying breakfast for founders -- no strings attached.

If you're a full-time founder working on growing a startup company in Portland, I'd like to buy you breakfast. I'm a serial founder myself from Seattle and the guy who started Startup Haven, which is the Founders Dinner & Poker 2.0 events that happen in Portland, San Francisco, Seattle and San Diego.   I'm gonna be in town tomorrow (Tuesday, the 28th) to host a Startup Haven event and I'd like to use Wednesday morning to meet some Portland founders -- to learn about what you're working on and whether there's any way for Startup Haven to help. I've got nothing to sell and I'm not looking to pitch anyone to spend a nickel on anything. I also hope this will be a good way for you to get to know some other serious founders that you may not have otherwise met. Space is limited to about 12, so RSVP here: If your not quite sure what I mean when I say "serious founder", here's some guidance: I look forward to meeting you. Bob  

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