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by Tyler on May 31, 2017

Videographer Needed for Recruiting Video

We are looking for either a PDX or Seattle-based videographer to help with a recruiting intro video. If anyone can recommend a professional or a company they've worked with before, I'd really appreciate it. I do sales and marketing work for a transcription services firm and right now we're heavily recruiting home-based transcriptionists. We need more collateral to help show what the work is like, what this looks like from a workflow perspective, the typical day-to-day of our independent contractors (so maybe going into 1 or 2 of their homes, the freedom that working from home provides, etc. Final video length should be in the 1-3 minute range. This job will involve some travel and several hours of shooting. Assistance with the storyline would be great. Looking for someone with experience in the business services sector. Thanks!

by Zac on May 31, 2017

I can do iOS/Android & Web Development

Hey there Portland community! I'm a very experienced iOS/Android, & Web Developer. If you need any iOS, Android, or Web work done, I've got you covered! I've been building software since I was 12 years old, it's become second nature to me. I'm quick and efficient! I'm a pretty calm, cool, and collected type of guy. I'm also very big on communication. Look forward on hearing about your ideas and potentially working together! - Zac

by Daniel on Jun 13, 2017

13" MacBook Pro (2013)

Update: A home has been found for this MacBook I'm selling my old MacBook and I would like it to go to someone that needs it to learn how to program, complete a code school or build out a startup. If that's you, let me know. I'm open to offers - whatever you think is reasonable with the situation that you're in. MacBook Pro 2.4 GHz Core i5 with 8 GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD.

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