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by Scott on Oct 15, 2017

Web Design - Freelance/Contract @ Modern Adventure

We're looking for Portland-based designers who have 5 - 15 hours p/week of availability, building out, emails, destination guides, partner collateral, social media takedowns, etc.  Preference is for designers familiar with consumer brands with a high design aesthetic. No HTML/CSS knowledge required, working to PSDs or similar is OK. If you're interested, contact me and include a link to your work/portfolio.  -Scott

by Ted on Oct 09, 2017

Looking for a desk

Hi! I'm a freelance designer/video guy currently working out of my home in SE Portland. I've been looking around for a desk in SE (or downtown/central eastside) where I can safely stash a desktop and monitor on a monthly rental basis, somewhere in the 225-325 range. The co-working spaces I've looked at have all seemed more like clubhouses or startup incubation spaces rather than workplaces, and I'm sort of hoping that an agency or startup would find it useful to get a little rental income from an existing empty desk. I'm quiet, industrious, work Monday to Friday, and I don't need much in the way of accommodations. I just need to be working further than six feet away from my shower! Let me know--happy to chat references. There may also be another interested party or two from the agency I work with if you have multiple desks.

by B on Sep 24, 2017

Need lawyer for non-compete advice

Thanks for any leads/recommendations. I'm interested in leaving my company to start my own thing and I don't know how restrictive the non-compete agreement I signed is, so I'm looking for some professional advice.

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