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I am Rick Turoczy. I started Portland Startups Switchboard so that members of the community could help each other out.

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by Kevin on Apr 03, 2017

The Dyrt is Hiring Writers (who love the outdoors)

Web Content Writer About the Job: The Dyrt is an innovative search and discovery platform for camping. Last summer, we launched, and since then have seen tens of thousands of user-submitted reviews and photos from across the US. This summer, we've released our mobile app on iOS and Android. We are looking for a part-time blog content writer who has knowledge of the US outdoors and camping. A successful candidate for this job must be able to write in a clear, consistent voice about selected topics in the U.S. outdoors and the camping industry. Job responsibilities: Write posts related to outdoors and camping. Ability to write about 70 blog posts, of about 200-600 words each, in a short timeline. Topics pre-determined, with some flexibility. Find photo/s that can be legally used with blog posts. *** How to apply? ***

by David on Apr 01, 2017

Oregon Self Employment Assistance Program advice needed

Looking to chat with anyone currently or recently in Oregon's Self Employment Assistance Program. This is the program that basically allows you to work on your own business idea instead of searching for a job while collecting unemployment insurance. If that is you or someone you can introduce me to, lets talk!

by Sudesh on Apr 05, 2017

Looking for a partner to start side project. All ideas welcome.

Hi guys I am a developer and new to Portland/Beaverton area. I have a full time job but would like to be involved in side projects during my off time. I am an expert in Javascript and have used several other languages in the past.  A good partner would be someone who knows how to handle business/marketing and is familair with portland startup.

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